De La Ghetto drops highly anticipated album ‘Los Chulitos’

De La Ghetto, considered a true legend and pioneer of Reggaeton, considers himself a “Chulito” — something that he defines as a lifestyle. One where you feel, look, and project confidence to those around you, and more importantly, within yourself. Following this principle, he formed his own ‘Chuligang,’ where he invites his friends, also considered “Chulitos,” to collaborate with and release a new project entitled “LOS CHULITOS.” This new album, a predominantly collaborative project, is now available on all digital platforms.

“LOS CHULITOS,” which has three singles and a remix that have been successfully released, contains 18 songs. The album comes accompanied by a new sensual reggaeton single titled “Sube La Music” alongside Nicky Jam. The track pulls inspiration from the sensual old-school reggae song “No Holding Back” by Wayne Wonder released in 2002.

For the album cover and art aesthetic De La Ghetto collaborated with Carlos A. Rivera, known as “Carlitos Skills” — he is a renowned Puerto Rican visual artist known for his colorful approach, recently added tattoo artist to his resume, and is mostly known as a muralist — one of his most well known murals is called “Vaiven” in Miami, which he did for Art Basel. Together, they created a digital teaser campaign where he worked on actual canvas as the medium first, before transitioning the art to digital, an impressive undertaking nowadays.

Thanks to his bilingual upbringing and the influences of several predominant musical styles in North American culture — such as Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Funk — De La Ghetto has established himself as the king of R&B and Hip Hop in Spanish. Throughout the years, he has proven his great versatility by fusing these influences with his Latin music, managing to implant new styles when interpreting Reggaetón (in its varied forms) and Trap (musical style from South Atlanta, very fashionable among young Hispanics). The artist has enjoyed great support in his music videos with more than 800 million views on his YouTube channel with videos such as “Fronteamos Porque Podemos”, “Dices” and “La Ocasión.” De La Ghetto continues to make his way within the Latin market, and with “LOS CHULITOS,” he is ready to establish himself in the international market as a legend of Latin music.

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