Alex Ferreira on the personal connection he has to “Tanda,” his latest album

Alex Ferreira titled his fifth studio album, “TANDA” not because of the meaning of the word, but for its percussive sound: two syllables that echo hands on a drum, the cha-ka of seeds shaking in a gourd, the casual slap of bare feet on the floor, or the familiar call of a name from another room in the house.

Dominican singer-songwriter and cantautor, Alex Ferreira has lived in Madrid and now currently resides in Mexico City. The artist himself shares how these cities/countries have shaped him into the artist he is today and how that has also influenced his music and sound.

In this collaboration with Entertainment Affair, we chatted with the artist about his latest album and why it includes lyrics of his mother dictating the recipe for cooking lentils and tomato sauce. This and much more in our interview con este dominicano.

“TANDA” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Check out our interview below!

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