Tejano-Norteño group Obzesión goes viral with their hit single ”Mi Trokita Cumbia”

If you’re an avid TikTok user, there’s a big chance you’ve come across that one lyrics-inspired
choreography challenge that revs engines to the tune of Tejano-Norteño group Obzesión‘s ”Mi Trokita Cumbia”. The fans of the group decided to start a TikTok challenge with the hit and it later went viral when Jessica Alba and her dad, as well as Becky G and her boyfriend joined in on the fun and did the challenge themselves!

Obzesión, is the Houston based group that formed in 2006 and has built a respected regional reputation with their romantic Tejano-Norteño cumbias. The hit single “Mi Trokita Cumbia” was released in the middle of the pandemic to cheer people up all while paying homage to the Texas culture of tuning trucks.

We recently chatted with the group, which is comprised of brothers, friends and cousins to get their thoughts on their song going viral and being danced by the likes of Jessica Alba and Becky G. They also shared their plans for the near future and how hard it is to drop a new single after the social media phenomenon of “Mi Trokita Cumbia”.

Check out our interview with them below!

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