El Micha speaks up on the political situation in Cuba in “Un Sueño, Cuba Grita Libertad”

We recently sat down with El Micha, the most influential Cuban artist to talk about his two latest singles. Fiesta, which tells the story of female empowerment from the spectator’s point of view, and promises to be the new hit this Summer. This single is followed by Un Sueño, Cuba Grita Libertad. After he gained notoriety for not wanting to talk about the political situation in Cuba, with the launch of Un Sueño, Cuba Grita Libertad, the artist breaks his silence and expresses his feelings through music and powerful lyrics which will move you even if you’re not Cuban. 

These releases mark the next chapter of El Micha’s career with a mission to elevate Cuba’s music and culture to the international stage. 

Check out our interview below with the artist where he addresses his thoughts on the situation in Cuba, his plans for 2021, as well as which countries are on his radar for this year.  

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