Cafecito with Ralphy Dreamz, Bachata’s newest rising star

Urbano or Latin Urban music has been dominating charts on a global scale for a few years now, but there are still some genres that have managed to stay around. Bachata being one of them. We automatically tend to think of Aventura, Romeo Santos or maybe even Prince Royce, but there are many rising stars out there that aren’t looking to be the next big Urbano artist, but rather a fresh face to a genre that has been dominated by only a handful of artists in the last few years.

Enter Ralphy Dreamz, a dominicano from New Jersey who’s currently based in Florida. We recently met with him during his media tour in Los Angeles, and we quickly realized why he’s Bachata’s newest rising star.

Ralphy has been singing since he was very young, and later started a musical group called Bachata Dreamz. Upon his move to Florida a few years later, he embarked on a new journey as a soloist. Ralphy has been working on his passion for years and is now ready to prove his versatility when it comes to covers. How do you successfully turn a song sung by a Mexican group into a Bachata? Not only can he successfully make Bachata covers out of practically any song, he also writes his own songs. While lately he has been dedicated to making covers, dropping new music is in the works as well. This, and more is what we talked about while drinking our cafecito with Ralphy, who also happens to be a coffee lover like us.

Check out our interview below and find out who Ralphy is, what he’s promoting now and what he’s working on next. Hint: it has to do with a Mexican singer we all grew up listening to!

Ralphy is such an amazing person with an undeniable talent that we know it’s just a matter of time before he conquers everyone’s heart as the newest star in Bachata!

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