‘Bad Boys for Life’ Interview with Kate del Castillo and Paola Núñez

Our favorite crime-fighting duo is back! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back in the next Bad Boys movie after 17 years, and we had a chance to screen the new Bad Boys for Life film for Entertainment Affair.

In the new film, the guys pick up just where they left off in the last film, albeit a few years later. Marcus is now a grandfather and wants to retire while Mike does not and convinces his partner to go on one last ride before his retirement. The task? Take down the vengeful head of a drug cartel. You cannot miss the film which is now in theatres! We absolutely recommend it because it did not disappoint!

Our excitement doesn’t stop there as the film also features two Latinas in major roles throughout the film. Kate del Castillo stars as Isabel “La Bruja”, the antagonist; and Paola Núñez as Rita, who runs the new elite Miami PD team, AMMO.

We also had a chance to sit with Kate del Castillo and Paola Núñez to chat about their roles in this new film. Check out our interview below and head to the theatre this weekend to not only enjoy the film, but also support Latinos in Hollywood. By the way, you’ll also enjoy Nicky Jam’s acting skills as he also stars in this Bad Boys film! You can’t miss it! Bad Boys for Life hit theaters January 17.

Check out the interview below.


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