Natalia Jimenez pays homage to Mexico, her second home, in her latest album, “México de mi Corazón”

Natalia Jimenez recently debuted her latest album titled, “México de mi Corazón” in which she pays homage to Mexico, a country she says is her second home. Having lived there eight years during the time she was a part of La Quinta Estación, Natalia developed a very special relationship with Mexico, one she still carries ’till this day. Her homage to the beloved country comes in the form of an album.

Her most recent single off of the album titled “El Destino” is a Mexican classic which we are all very familiar with due to its interpretation by legends Juan Gabriel and Rocio Durcal. Mexico and Spain come together once again to interpret this beautiful romantic classic in the voices of Carlos Rivera and Natalia Jimenez.

After a break of a few years after debuting as a mom, Natalia is back with an album that promises to captivate everyone’s hearts as she relives Mexican classics along with the likes of Pedro Fernández, Paquita la del Barrio, El Bebeto, Banda MS, and Lila Downs.

Faranduleo 411 sat down with the interpreter a few days before the album debuted and had a one-on-one exclusive interview to chat with her about the album and the tour that will be coming along with it. Check out our interview below; please note that it is in Spanish.

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