Faranduleo 411 at the 2018 Latin GRAMMYs – the casted audience experience

A couple of months ago, we made it out to Vegas for the Latin GRAMMYs. Not only did we make it out to interview some artists but also to attend the awards show itself, but this time as part of a casted audience! What does that mean? Well, we shared it on our social media and many of you had questions and wanted to know more so we decided to share the experience with you here!

We teamed up with FansOnQ for the experience! FansOnQ.com features the best of the best in Audience Casting and Fan Engagement experiences, and although they are based in Miami, FL, they also service productions in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami. Yes, that means they manage all of the seatfiller and casted audience for the Univision award shows! Have you ever wanted to be a part of the audience but never knew how? Well, this is how!

FansOnQ.com offers a complete range of services and support for live award show audience, studio audience and special events. It’s the hub where fans connect with their favorite celebrities, shows and events.



If you’re not following them on Instagram, then do so now..Once they have an event they’ll be working on, they’ll announce it there and you can sign up. That’s the easiest way to be up to date. Once it is announced, you will head to their website to sign up for said event.

Once you have signed up accordingly and they receive your info, they will contact you within a week to let you know if you were approved followed by instructions on how to proceed.
Come the day of the event, you follow their instructions and have a blast at the show! Plus, you get to dress up and have a great night out! The dress code will vary depending on the event but they provide you with all of that info.
NOTE that this is a FREE voluntary event but you do need to abide by their rules, but it’s so worth it because you get to enjoy all these events and the experience for FREE!!
When you sign up, you can either be a seat filler or a casted audience. What’s the difference? Well, as a seat filler, the word perfectly describes it. You fill empty seats at different awards shows, which means you won’t be in the same seat the whole night. You kind of play musical chairs throughout the event as they move you around depending on where they need you to fill a space. While you do have to move around constantly, you do get to sit in some pretty awesome seats, like up close to the stage or even next to some famous people!
As part of the casted audience, you get to stay in the same seat the whole event but you must also stay there, which means you can’t move around to different seats if you see empty ones. Your only job is to remain in the same place the whole night because that’s where they need you. For the most part these seats tend to be a little further but they’re still relatively close. We were part of this option during the Latin GRAMMYs and we had great seats! Check out the pictures we were able to take from our seats!

You can see more pictures here, and if you want more info, check out their website or their FAQ page.

Click on the pic below for a recap of the FansOnQ experience at the 2018 Latin GRAMMYs

Thank you, FansOnQ, for the great experience! We can’t wait to do it again!

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