Zion & Lennox celebrate their Puerto Rican roots on Spotify’s ¡Viva Latino!

Zion & Lennox open up about their beginnings and take fans on a journey through their native Puerto Rico in the latest episode of Spotify’s ¡Viva Latino! playlist titled “Raices.” The iconic urban duo as you have never seen them before, going deep into the natural wonder that is Puerto Rico, showing fans their favorite places as they talk about their beginnings, growing up in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and how African music has shaped their sound today. The release of the episode is accompanied by the premiere of the vertical video on Spotify® for their most recent HIT single “Hola.”

Zion & Lennox are joined by one of the members of the Cepeda family, Modesto Cepeda, who is a leading advocate, performer and grand maestro of bomba and plena, two of the most important folkloric dance, drumming and singing traditions of Puerto Rican cultural heritage.  The duo talk to Cepeda about the influence of the African heritage in music today, specifically how it has influenced reggaeton and Zion & Lennox’s music.

Beautifully shot in Puerto Rico, Zion & Lennox take viewers on a journey as they ride their buggies on the beach, go to a typical chinchorro (little restaurant typically on the side of the road) and order some of their favorite Puerto Rican foods. In an exclusive look into his private life, Lennox, opens up his farm in the island giving fans a sneak peek to his private sanctuary in Puerto Rico. All ending with a scorching hot version of their #1 smash hit “La Player (Bandolera)”bomba y plena style.

You can watch the “Raices” video here: spoti.fi/vivalatino

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